Fire Alarm systems

Brady Protection Incendie SA provides a comprehensive fire safety service


Fire Suppression systems

Brady Protection Incendie offers a complete line of fire suppression equipment

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Fire Detection Systems South Africa

Fire Detection Systems & Fire Suppression Systems Professionals in Johannesburg

Brady Protection Incendie SA Pty Ltd is an accredited professional fire detection & suppression systems provider in South Africa based in Johannesburg. We design fire detection systems with advanced fire alarms equipped with latest technology to help you effectively secure your properties.

Our installations include solutions for conventional office, shopping-centre, industrial, mining, hotel and casino industries, residential, warehousing.

In addition to fire alarms we also provide fire suppression systems in Johannesburg and Pretoria designed to help extinguish or prevent spread of fire that is likely to occur depending on the nature of the building or activities happening throughout the site area.

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Our Services & Products

Fire Alarm & Detection Systems

Brady Protection incendie SA fire alarm systems and fire detection systems solutions


We are a pure fire suppression and detection specialist protecting your assets


Brady protection Incendie SA design, install and maintain a range of sprinkler systems


The most effective and affordable means for protecting your property from fire damage


A public address system (PA system) is an electronic amplification system with a mixer & loudspeakers


Access Control systems are used to control the entrance and exit of buildings and private estates. They can also be used to secure vulnerable systems


For excellent comprehension in the event of an emergency, high quality and easily visible fire safety signs


Brady Protection Incendie SA offer external fire doors in a range of sizes and specifications.

Why Choose Us

Brady Protection Incendie SA offers a complete line of fire suppression equipment, ranging from high/low pressure CO2, Clean Agent and Inert Gas Systems, Water Mist, Foam, and Dry Chemical Systems.

Brady Protection Incendie SA provides a comprehensive fire safety service and, as such, manage, install and maintain fire alarm systems.

We only use the most established manufacturers and our extensive range of equipment includes fire alarm panels, detectors, call points and advanced wireless fire detection.

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Some of our works

Specialist in fire detection systems in South Africa

In order to prevent the risk of fire starting, we install fire detection systems for commercial premises and industrial buildings in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and anywhere in Gauteng.

Equipped with automatic smoke detectors and high-tech fire alarms, your premises will be perfectly protected.

We design your fire detection project according to your constraints, the standards in force, and with the aim of making your installations sustainable.

Each of this equipment can be connected to a fire safety centralizer in order to control the compartmentalization, smoke extraction, automatic extinguishing, evacuation, and shutdown functions of electrical installations.

The objective of a fire detection system is also to confine the fire in the smallest possible space while ensuring the protection of people through areas of refuge and evacuation.

Fire suppression systems in South Africa

Our fire suppression systems provide reliable performance, requiring little maintenance.
Rugged enough to meet the challenges of environments characterized by pollutants, corrosive chemicals, and constant activity, yet sensitive enough to respond properly in an emergency.

The integration of fire safety equipment guarantees a reliable response. managing the detection and suppression of fires is a logical step.

It can be difficult to get equipment made by two different suppliers to work together, and installation costs and time increase as a result. This is why we offer GLOBALE security solutions.

Fire Detection System South Africa

We offer a wide range of fire detection systems in South Africa, making it possible to respond to the most demanding problems.

Point detection, linear, by aspiration, addressable or conventional, wired or radio: each client will find at BPIINTL an answer adapted to his site constraints.


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