Fire Alarm Systems Installation

Fire Alarm Systems Supplier and InstallationBrady Protection incendie SA fire alarm systems and fire detection systems solutions

If you are responsible for a residential or commercial building in Johannesburg or Pretoria city, you also have a duty to ensure the utmost safety precautions for the occupants of that property.

As experts in the fire industry, we understand the need for high-quality fire alarms and have seen the destruction that inadequate systems can have.

Brady Protection Incendie provides fire alarm design, maintenance, installations, commissioning, modification & repairs in South Africa.

We offer tailored solutions for all your fire alarm system requirements in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and anywhere in South Africa.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Cost effective commercial fire alarm systems for general use within smaller properties.

In a Conventional Fire Alarm System, a number of call points and detectors are wired to the Fire Alarm Control Panel in Zones.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

These commercial fire alarm systems are capable of integrating with other systems for a total fire strategy. Touch screen graphic packages available.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Here at Brady Protection Incendie SA, we are experts in the fire safety industry and specialize in the supply and installation of an extensive range of fire protection and detection equipment in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

As such, we offer our customers throughout Johannesburg and the surrounding areas highly advanced and technologically innovative wireless fire alarms.

Wireless fire alarms are specifically designed for environments that are isolated from a wired connection, such as a building where drilling wires into wall cavities is not a suitable option.

The wireless alarms utilize radio signals to communicate between components and set off sounders on the detection of an incident.

Commercial fire alarm systems for properties where the cabling of equipment is not desirable. Wireless fire alarm systems are an effective alternative to traditional wired fire alarm systems for all applications.

Aspirating Fire & Smoke Detection Systems

These smoke detectors are able to detect smoke before it becomes visible.

Aspirating smoke detectors are used in active fire protection, containing a central detection unit through which air is drawn via a network of pipes.

These smoke detectors and others like them are able to detect smoke before it becomes visible, making it an excellent and essential form of fire protection for offices and large buildings.

Fire Alarm Installation

Whether you own residential premises, such as new build houses or flats, or you manage a commercial building, such as offices and retail outlets, high-quality fire detection methods are imperative to ensure optimum safety for occupants.

Brady Protection Incendie SA delivers comprehensive fire safety management solutions, including the supply and installation of high-quality fire alarms.

Whether your building is commercial or residential in Johannesburg or Pretoria, Brady Protection Incendie can install an alarm system to suit you.

Apart from the obvious practical benefits, high-quality fire alarms are a necessity by law. We work in accordance with all fire safety regulations and carry out top class installations to their exacting standards.

The regular inspections we conduct ensure that your fire alarms are always working perfectly – granting you complete peace of mind.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Along with the evident practical benefits of well-maintained fire alarms, regular testing of fire equipment is a legal requirement.

Brady Protection SA provides a complete management system for all your fire safety needs and performs high quality maintenance inspections and repairs, ensuring your equipment functions as intended.

Fire Alarm System Determination of Requirements

  • Is the system imposed or chosen voluntarily?
  • What type of building is it (according to the occupants, occupancy rate – Building with a large crowd of people?)?
  • Are there areas with hazardous material?
  • Is there already a system? When and by whom was it installed?
  • Is there a sprinkler system?
  • Will the system be part of or connected to a smoke control system?
  • What type of building is it (according to the occupants, occupancy rate – Building with a large crowd of people?)?
  • What level of alarm notification is required?
  • Other local announcement equipment (except local keyboards)?
  • Other types of emergency alarm?
  • Is there a dedicated power supply?
  • Are the cables apparently laid or buried?
  • What percentage of the cables will have to be protected by pipes – metal and/or fireproof PVC?
  • Will the system operate fire doors/curtains and or elevators?
  • Will the system be connected to a controller or a fire centrifugal pump?
  • If there is a sprinkler system, are they on dry or wet pipes?
  • Is it a combined fire-burglary system?

We can offer you the best solution for a specific application: from a small building to residential buildings, malls, bank offices, factories, warehouses, or government buildings. The company is able to offer each customer the right solution for complete protection.

Each solution is based on fire risk analysis. Various types of equipment are chosen to design a customized fire detection system that works safely by detecting fire inputs, with sophisticated functionalities, alarm transmission, monitoring, and remote control.

Fire alarm system installation cost

Fire alarm system installation cost

Installing a fire alarm is essential to ensure your safety and that of those around you. The installation of this system is governed by the South Africa Law. All owners, occupants, are concerned by the implementation of an alarm mechanism with an autonomous smoke detector.

Regarding the price of installing a fire alarm, it varies according to the prices of the equipment (fire extinguisher, smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, etc.) chosen by the owner.

The cost of installing a fire alarm depends on different types in Gauteng, (labor rate, for a detector). Prices for a fire alarm system start in the range of R4000 and go up to over R 20,000 (installation and supply included).

It depends on :

  • The type of fire alarm chosen: simple detector vs complete system; wired or wireless etc …
  • The complexity of the work: a wired system for example requires work to arrange the wires in the walls.
  • The dimension of the building
  • The number of elements to be installed: labor is amortized for a large number
  • The price charged by the installer

We are experts in fire alarm installation and meet the highest demands of the commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors, and these meet the various accreditations and legislation in force.

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Alarm Installers

Because it is important to ensure the protection of people but also of places, Brady Protection incendie SA in Gauteng offers you a wide choice of alarm system installation for housing, building, factory, and more.

We provide you with our know-how to offer you effective solutions that take into account the specificities of your home. Installing an alarm will help reduce the risk of theft and attempted break-in.

Installed by an expert – Brady Protection Incendie SA

makes a state-of-the-art home protection system accessible and user-friendly. Because your safety must be entrusted to a professional nearby, our installers deliver and install your protective box.

Alarm – monitoring system

  • Authentication to prevent tampering
  • Encrypts data and detects radio jamming and interference
  • Helps protect the entry of burglars through windows and doors
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, WCDMA, and GSM technologies to send alarms to the central monitoring station and the system owner
  • Transmits alarms from detectors to the concentrator in 0.15 seconds
  • For the home, apartment, office, or business

Home Alarm System Installation Cost South Africa

The security of a house goes through the installation of an alarm system. The budget required to install a home alarm in South Africa depends on the choice of equipment and installer.

Do you want to have an alarm installed in your home? Find out about the price of a house alarm and how to install it.

If you want to install a home alarm system or just want to enquire about home alarm system prices or the cost of home alarm systems installation look no further.

We have great alarm system specials and our, alarm system prices are tailor-made to suit your alarm security needs.

What are the different types of house alarms?

The hard part of buying a house alarm and knowing which alarm to choose? Depending on the level of security required and your budget, you have the choice between several types of house alarms:

  • Wired Home Alarms: classic models equipped with a central unit and wired activity sensors;
  • Wireless House Alarms: equipment equipped with a central unit and sensors linked by a microwave radio link;
  • House Alarms with IP Camera: security systems equipped with a camera allowing the home to be monitored remotely;
  • GSM Home Alarms: equipment equipped with a control panel and sensors that send messages to their telephone in the event of a problem using a GSM network;
  • Connected Home Alarms: models equipped with sensors connected to a home automation system, which allows the home to be managed remotely.

The advantages of an alarm system in your home

  • Help you feel safe;
  • The prices are affordable and different product lines are offered;
  • An alarm sounds in the event of an intrusion;
  • The mere display of a sticker indicating the presence of an alarm system itself has a deterrent effect against burglars.

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