Alarm System Maintenance

Do you already have an alarm System Installed?

We maintain and improve the systems already installed, even if we are not the installers.

To do this, all you have to do is give us the brand and the model of the alarm system you have in place, if you do not have this information, don’t panic, send us the photo of your keypad or the control unit, we can recognize the model of your security system.

We can then offer you a maintenance contract to manage your emergencies and repairs at no extra cost.

On-call from our customers, a technician immediately diagnoses the fault. Within a maximum of 24 hours, our teams are on-site to ensure constant safety and the serenity of the occupants.

The maintenance and configuration of your protection system are the guarantees of constant security. Your fire protection system up to standard and in good working order is the key to your peace of mind.

Our technicians operate throughout the PACA region.
Thanks to our network of partners, we can intervene throughout France

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