Fire Alarm System for Individuals and Professionals

The anti-intrusion alarm detects all unauthorized presence throughout a building or in a delimited area by giving the alert.

The alarm is a system consisting of:

  • detectors
  • a siren or call system intended to give an alert
  • an alarm center, which centralizes the information sent by presence detectors and takes the decision to issue the alert
  • control devices (remote control, keyboard, smartphone application, etc.) allowing users to turn the system on or off.

Communications between the parties are transmitted:

  • by a wired network
  • through a wireless network.

Possibility of coupling to a telephone transmitter in order to give the alert to a remote monitoring center. The alarm center manages technical alarms, such as fire, frost. …


Each customer has his own personalized alarm installation in Johannesburg and Pretoria

Our teams carry out for you all the installations and checks necessary for your security and peace of mind in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Thanks to our alarms and our cameras, you stay permanently connected to your home or business directly on your phone with the possibility of delegating this task to a monitoring center that alerts you as soon as a problem occurs and/or proceeds to on-site intervention.

Maintenance contract, in Johannesburg and Pretoria

Whether you are a business or an individual. Your security systems can be victims of breakdowns or various problems. So that such an incident does not jeopardize the safety of your premises or your homes, Safe & Connect intervenes quickly for any repair or maintenance need, in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Quality service, in Johannesburg and Pretoria

We have developed a quality service in order to be always present for our customers in Johannesburg and Pretoria. We intervene 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all emergencies.

As technology advances very quickly, it seemed essential to us to stay as close as possible to our suppliers in order to offer you the most efficient equipment. Thus, the experience and the services that we provide have the sole objective of satisfying our customers.

Experience, competence, availability, after-sales service, and important references, so many reasons to trust us, with the certainty that you will be satisfied and followed in your protection efforts.

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