Fire Equipment Services

Fire Equipment Services

Secure your premises with our firefighting equipment

Fire safety regulations differ depending on the size or nature of your establishment. In order to guarantee perfect security for your visitors and employees, we offer a wide range of firefighting equipment to effectively secure your premises.

In the event of a fire in your property or building, you must act quickly! For this, Brady Protection incendie SA has the solution!

All our equipment allows you to bring your property up to standard, reduce the risk of accidents to a minimum and improve the efficiency of firefighting.

Indeed, thanks to these products you will be able to reduce the response times in the face of flames, facilitate the location of your firefighting equipment, but also promote fluid evacuation without panic.

Best Fire Protection Equipment

Brady Protection incendie SA offers fire protection and prevention solutions (such as a wide range of extinguishers). But also, additional fire protection equipment, necessary or even essential for industrial or tertiary professionals.

Discover our other essential firefighting equipment:

  • Fire blanket: The goal is to suffocate the fire within the first few seconds. The fire blanket not only stops fires at their base but also saves people who could be ignited.
  • fire protection products: Fire protection products protect your premises, especially cables, pipes, doors, from the spread of fire for several hours and allow emergency services to arrive.
  • Sandboxes: The fire sandbox equipment allows a quick and efficient response to the start of a fire. It is necessary to complete with a fire shovel and a fire bucket.
  • Evacuation armband and high visibility vest

Note: The regulation of fire sandboxes in an ERP car park requires at least one 100 L sandbox for each level of the car park, and the installation of this near the pedestrian access ramps.

Fire Equipment Services

Have the right extinguishing device, ready to use, close at hand, and easy to use.

This must be the motto of effective fire protection. Our team of specialists brings you all its expertise through personalized advice. We are your partner for all solutions relating to fire protection:

  • Fire extinguishers (portable, special, wheeled, rental, accessories etc.)
  • Preventive maintenance of fire extinguishers
  • Fire stations, reels, reel trolleys, accessories, etc.
  • Fire blanket, smoke detectors, the detection system
  • Safety signs and pictograms, safety instructions, and evacuation plans
  • Fire-resistant containers (bins, ashtrays)
  • Fire safety training (handling of extinguishers)

Brady Protection incendie SA is a company specializing in Personal protective equipment, professional clothing and fire-fighting equipment, our goal is to allow you to exercise your profession in greater comfort with more optimal protection. Contact us Today for any fire equipment request

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