Fire Extinguisher Service Centurion

The fire extinguisher needsSince Brady protection Incendie SA has more than 10 years of experience in the installation and maintenance of fire protection equipment in Centurion, our team is at your disposal to help you with your compliance projects.

We supply and ensure the installation and maintenance of your equipment in Centurion against fires, namely extinguishers, emergency units, alarms and detection, fire doors, dry columns, fire hydrants, plans for intervention and evacuation, signage, all smoke extraction work.

We intervene and advise you throughout the Centurion, we work with small and medium-sized businesses, administrations, town halls, local authorities, condominium managers, and industries …

For your safety, we install various equipment:

  • Mechanical, pneumatic, electrical, and electro-pneumatic controls.
  • Skylight vaults, with ventilation and/or smoke extraction openings.
  • Smoke extraction parking extractor motor
  • Frame – roof windows.
  • Periodic maintenance, Control, Winch, Skydome hatch, works.

#1 Fire extinguishers in Centurion

We work with private and public organizations in Centurion to train company staff or the risk unit to prevent any risk of fire in companies. In this context, we train the personnel to react in the event of a fire with the extinguishers.

We support our contacts both upstream and downstream for the launch of evacuation procedures, the installation of detection devices, and good compliance with the standards and procedures in place in companies.

Types of fire extinguishers

Class A fire

  • wood, fabrics, paper, plastic, cardboard, etc.
  • Type of extinguisher: water, powder, foam

Class B fire

  • hydrocarbons, solvents, gasoline, alcohols, greases, oils, paints …
  • Type of extinguisher: water, powder, gas, foam

Class C fire

  • butane, propane, acetylene, natural gas, manufactured gas
  • Type of extinguisher: powder

Class D fire

  • aluminum powder, phosphorus, magnesium powder, sodium, titanium …
  • Type of extinguisher: powder

We’re here to accompany you

Beyond a simple quotation, our technicians guide and advise you on the best means of implementing your safety, provides you with a detailed study as well as tariff information.

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