Fire Extinguisher Suppliers Pretoria

Pretoria specialist in extinguishers and fire protection and market leader for many years, we have the fire extinguisher solution in Pretoria that you need.

The fire extinguisher needsDesigned to meet the needs of professionals in the field of firefighting, our range of extinguishing products ranges from portable extinguishers to foam extinguishers, including powder extinguishers.

As a strong value of the Brady protection Incendie SA, proximity has always enabled us to respond with relevance and precision to the demands of our customers in Pretoria and to adapt to changes in the market.

More than a fire extinguisher, it is your protection and that of those around you that we offer you in the best possible conditions. With Brady protection, Incendie SA, have the certainty of acquiring fire extinguishers approved. Satisfaction and quality/price ratio guaranteed!

Why Choose Brady protection Incendie SA For His Extinguisher In Pretoria?

We reflect a versatile company that makes the concept of safety its main priority. To better serve our customers, we are constantly expanding the range of our services and year after year developing ever more efficient and reliable products.

Guided on a daily basis by concern for efficiency and a sense of detail, we manage to provide a solution in each large city and a large region of Gauteng and for all types of needs.

Because we know that all fires do not require the same means of control, we have always focused our offer on the diversity of our equipment and the precision of the solution provided.

From gaseous fires to special fires, including fires on wood, fabrics, and paper known as dry fires and hydrocarbon fires affecting plastics and petroleum-based elements more generally, our approach is intended to be the most professional. possible.

We can also carry out audits of your firefighting installations on request. We once again the partner you need thanks to the practical and theoretical training as well as the fire simulations and evacuation drills that we offer.

Ideal for quickly intervening on the start of a fire and learning to control flames without giving in to panic. Contact us for more information!

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