Fire Suppression System Installation

We are pure fire suppression and detection specialist in Johannesburg & Pretoria protecting your high-value assets and critical processes.

We provide you with fully integrated automatic fire suppression and detection systems ensuring no issues left for you to sort out.

From initial discussions and budgets through to completion and demonstration we can handle it all for you.

Why do you need an Automatic Fire Suppression System?

Fire Suppression System InstallationMost commercial buildings now have a fire detection system to protect the occupants and the building, but is just detecting the fire enough?

The problem with having just detection is that although you know you have a fire (the fire alarm sounders or bells are ringing) there is no way to safely suppress the fire yourself and that’s if you are there.

The Fire Service will put it out when called but the smoke damage occurring before they arrive and the water damage after can be quite significant.

Fire suppression systems & automatic extinguishing systems are used to reduce the level of damage and downtime by automatically suppressing the fire ready for the Fire Service to get there and ensure it is out and safe to return.

This ensures that your critical processes within your business such as the server or communications room or manufacturing process etc. are up and running again in the minimum time. The ultimate success of the extinguishing system is that your customers didn’t even know you had a fire.

The operation of the fire suppression system in a fire situation can greatly reduce in most cases the level of damage and in some cases very little loss of production and downtime. Leaving you to replace a small PCB or piece of equipment that caused the fire, rather than all the equipment within the room.

INERT Gas Fire Suppression systems

These reduce Oxygen to below 15%. With Oxygen levels at around 15% and below, combustion is not possible. Fire suppressants such as INERGEN, IG55, and IG541 are designed to reduce oxygen levels to below 15% but higher than 12%.

This means that it is safe for the occupants of the enclosure to egress safely post-discharge.

Synthetic/Chemical fire suppression systems

These fire suppressants are designed to reduce heat. Basically the agents are very similar to refrigerants.

Due to the nature of the fire suppression technique, these refrigerants only require a small concentration.

This means fewer cylinders and lower pressures. Oxygen level is also not significantly reduced which also makes them safe to use within occupied spaces.

Water Based Suppression systems

Generally these systems are not suitable for total flooding of computer rooms and other typical fire suppression applications.

The water mist fire suppression system is particularly good for extinguishing or suppressing fire that burns at high temperatures.

The fire itself is used as a medium for drawing in the water vapors as it burns and this suppresses itself.

Foam fire extinguishing systems

Water mixed with high expansion foam solution such as AFFF, allows the foam to rapidly smother the area with foam.

This is not suitable for most common fire suppression applications, but particularly good for large open spaces, where spillage of fuel or other types of combustible liquids are present.

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