Installation of Alarm System in Pretoria

Fire Alarm System

Installing an alarm system is above all a real security against burglaries. You will need to choose a top-of-the-range system that protects your Monegasque home or your business premises located in or around the principality.

The new alarm systems combine discretion, reliability, and quality. For perfect security at your home or at your workplace, call on our team of professionals for alarm installation in Pretoria.

The teams are at your service and support you throughout your Pretoria alarm installation project. Securing your home, condominium, restaurant, offices … is the priority of installers.

For a quote request or for any specific questions regarding the installation of a security system, contact a professional installer in Pretoria.

Anti intrusion alarm and surveillance video installation in Pretoria

Specialist in wired and wireless systems

You want to live in complete safety and have an anti-intrusion alarm system and video surveillance, the Brady Protection incendie SA team in Pretoria is at your entire disposal.

For any quote request to install an alarm system in accordance with the configuration of your home and ensure perfect security, our consulting technician will accompany you and help you make the right decision in terms of choice of alarm system for an apartment, as for the house.

The Brady Protection incendie SA travels on-site in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Sandton, and the surrounding area to establish an estimate for the installation of an anti-intrusion alarm.

The places concerned

In order to be in accordance with the product you are looking for, we offer alarms adapted to the places to be secured, inside and outside.

  • For private homes such as pavilions, residences, and apartment buildings.
  • For professional spaces, such as company buildings, commercial premises, and warehouses.
  • For collective spaces, namely offices, administrative premises, and schools.

Our alarms are equipped with volumetric detectors and can be installed indoors or outdoors. It is also possible to configure them in relation to your possible pets.

Why trust the experts at Brady Protection incendie SA?

Because regardless of the type of house, business premises, or establishment open to the public, we have the skills and expertise to offer you the best security solutions.

Because whether it is the city where you are located in Pretoria, Johannesburg, or all Gauteng, we come and carry out a diagnosis of the place to be secured.

Because we are responsive and attentive to your needs and expectations in terms of security. Because we take care of the programming, installation, and maintenance of all your security systems: alarm, video surveillance, access control.

Fire alarm system installation and detectors

Protect yourself from the risk of fire in your home, technical room, or any other building. Uncover the slightest presence of smoke, gas, or even abnormal temperatures using our carbon monoxide detectors.

A risk of fire is so quickly arrived. For this, it is imperative to have had professional fire protection installed, for example, our smoke detectors as well as our heat detectors.

An establishment open to the public must be equipped with a detection system in order to have time to evacuate those present.

We set up fixed installations of the fire safety system.

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