Installation of house and apartment alarm systems


Installation of house and apartment alarm systems

We have all the necessary authorizations for the installation of alarm systems for the house and apartment. With the purchase of a home, whether it is a house or an apartment, any person is thinking about purchasing and installing an alarm system.

And for that, you must be up to date with some basic information about them. How anti-burglary systems work and what they are made of.

All alarm systems work on the same basic principle, namely that of providing entry points: doors and windows, but also an interior space that contains valuables, such as art collections, computers, weapons, coins, etc.

Regardless of the size of your home or the number of doors and windows, or how many interior rooms the homeowner decides to protect, the only real difference lies in the number of security components installed in the home and monitored by the control panel.

Below, we will detail as much as possible about these alarm systems.

The criteria for choosing your alarm system

  • In an apartment, go on an alarm kit without an external siren.
  • Conversely, at home, provide an alarm kit with an outdoor siren to alert your neighborhood in the event of an intrusion. Protect access to your garden with motion detectors.
  • Remote monitoring offers you 24-hour surveillance and allows intervention in your absence or if you are unable to act.
  • Regarding the options, the most relevant are the following:
  • Zoning to activate/deactivate the alarm floor by floor of your home;
  • The detector for your pets;
  • Remote control from your smartphone (an application to download to receive alerts in the event of an intrusion, and control your alarm system);
  • CCTV for taking photos and films remotely to prove an intrusion.

How do you choose an alarm that’s right for you?

Select what you need to create the alarm system that’s right for you.

  • Your type of home: in a single-family house, if it has a garden, consider equipping your system with an outdoor siren with a flashing light. An effective solution to deter intruders and warn your neighborhood. In an apartment, the outdoor siren is not recommended, and even sometimes prohibited.
  • Operation in case of power failure: Make sure your alarm is running on batteries and battery backup! Your alarm will remain activated in the event of a power failure, loss of Internet connection, or attempted sabotage.
  • If you have pets, consider getting a system with compatible sensors to avoid nuisance tripping.
  • Video surveillance. When the camera is connected to the alarm center, it detects intrusions and can activate the siren.
  • Wired or non-wired: the wireless alarm is easy to install and more flexible. The wired alarm is more expensive, more complex, and requires installation by a seasoned professional.

Why is it essential to call on one of our experts to install your alarm?

Even though alarm systems are designed to be very easy to install and use, having them installed by one of our professionals is a guarantee of safety. Thanks to our expertise, the latter will be able to find the right locations for each of the components (alarm center, detectors, siren, camera, etc.).

Why is the placement of the different components so important?

The placement of the different components of your alarm is an extremely important phase. Indeed, it is on him that the efficiency of your system will depend. It is therefore essential that each of its elements is installed with care.

Thus, the control unit should not be installed at the entrance of your house, as this may be too easily accessible to anyone who has managed to break into your home. A more discreet location is recommended, and only our installers can identify it.

The opening detectors must be fixed on your front door and on your windows. As for motion detectors, it is preferable to install them at a height in places where passages are frequent (corridors, entrance hall, stairs).

Have you decided to add components to your security system? Know that their effectiveness also depends on a carefully chosen placement. Thus, for a smoke detector, choose a location at a height, in a passageway, and away from fumes and vapors.

Are you adding an indoor siren? Install it away from your control panel, thus distracting intruders from it while hindering them in their business.

Here again, the experience of our installers is a real plus: thanks to their perfect mastery of our products, they will be able to adapt your installation to the configuration of your home.

What is an alarm system and what is its purpose?

An alarm system is a system consisting of various interconnected electronic components, whose purpose is to detect and signal the presence of strangers or unwanted events.

These systems can be installed both in homes (house, apartment, villa, boarding house, etc.), for monitoring and detecting thieves, and in commercial spaces, industrial spaces, etc., for the protection of personnel against criminals.

Most of us know that alarm systems are used strictly for detecting people, but they also help to detect fires, methane gas, and carbon monoxide. For the highest possible efficiency of an alarm system, it can be coupled with a video monitoring system, thus, everything that happens in your home can be recorded and it is more protected in case of an incident.

Alarm systems can be of different sizes, from alarms limited to only a few sensors and a siren, to complex alarm systems, including remote control.

What are the components of an alarm system and what is their purpose?

An alarm system uses a network of components to help keep your family and home safe. Each of these components plays an essential role in the overall protection of the home, many of which work together to help you stay safe. Here are some of the most popular and important components of an anti-burglary system:

Control Panel

The control panel serves as the main center for the security system. It usually refers to a keyboard/touchpad that allows you to enter the password for arming and disarming the system, and some have a voice control feature.

The control panel communicates with other components of the alarm system, such as motion sensors and video cameras, all working together.

In addition to buttons, the keyboard also has lights or a display, depending on the case, of course.

Electric door locks

It provides a way to make sure the doors are locked at all times, even when you are not at home. Most modern security systems allow you to access them via smartphone.

The system also monitors if the door is locked and can alert you with a notification when it is open. These smart locks are a useful way to monitor the house when you are at work or to check if the children have locked the door or not.

Video surveillance cameras

Video surveillance cameras come in wireless or cable versions and can be hidden both inside the house and outside it. They capture every movement and activity and transmit it in the form of video transmission, so wherever you are, at least one pair of eyes guards your house.

There are panoramic and tilt cameras, static and pivoting, or you can get some that have included night vision, all depending on your needs.