Reasons to install a fire alarm system

Reasons to install a fire alarm system

Why you should have a fire alarm system

fire-alarm-commercialAlarm systems are a great alternative to protect yourself against fires. The first warning of a disaster is obviously smoke. The minimum is therefore to have a smoke detector in your home to prevent damage which can turn out to be considerable.

The installation of these securing devices is a step towards peace of mind. In addition to preventing fires, installing a smoke detector helps save lives, whether yours or those of your loved ones. As soon as a smoke emerges, no matter how small, your alarm will automatically go off so you can wake up and bring everyone to safety.

In short, having a good fire alarm system gives you great peace of mind, in your presence, or when you are away. In the latter case, the firefighters can intervene at the first sign of danger.

For your information, smoke detectors should not be confused with carbon monoxide detectors. These are specially designed to alert you if any of your household appliances release carbon monoxide, a deadly, odorless, or colorless gas.

The installation of a fire alarm, a legal obligation

The South Africa law obliges the installation of a fire alarm in individual houses, apartments, main residences, and second homes. For optimum safety, the device must detect the fumes emitted as soon as the disaster is triggered, also, this device must emit a signal strong enough to alert sleeping people.

Details on the price of installing a fire alarm

Any type of establishment open to the public in Gauteng must have a fire alarm installation. Therefore, SA law requires the presence of safety devices in the building. Before taking into account the price of installing a fire alarm, it is better to define the type of system to integrate into your security devices.

Leave your fire alarm installation to a professional

The majority of professionals are surfing the new fire protection legislation. Their activity, therefore, consists of offering individuals a complete installation service for their fire alarm system.

While the installation of this device can be done by anyone, the intervention of a professional installer will always be preferable to obtain quality results. It is also a guarantee for the installation and the correct setting of the alarm.

With experience and technical skills, a specialist will tell you in particular that the detectors are never placed in the kitchen or in a bathroom. He can therefore advise you on an efficient location for the detectors and the control panel.

Fire alarm System

The different categories of fire alarms

Category 1

  • automatic smoke detectors positioned in the apartments
  • manual fire triggers in the corridors of the condominium
  • sensors indicating to residents the need to evacuate the premises or not
  • Autonomous alternative power supply to ensure minimum lighting in the event of a power cut

Category 2

  • manually operated system
  • the device allows residents to be informed about the direction of the fire’s propagation

Category 3

  • audible alarm coupled with a visual alarm (flashing light): suitable for homes where some residents are deaf or hard of hearing but also for noisy premises


Thus, the installation of a fire alarm type “smoke detector” has become mandatory. Also, you will understand, the installation is more or less easy depending on the system for which you choose.

Indeed, installing a simple smoke detector is easier than installing a complete fire safety system. For more security, you can call a professional. It will offer you:

  • Relevant advice on choosing your alarm.
  • Quality material.
  • An efficient, fast, and functional installation.

If you wish to obtain a cost to install a fire alarm (detector or SSI), do not hesitate to call us today at +27 (0) 63 159 6617 | +27 (0)81 042 7708 or request a quote here. It’s fast and free.