The benefits of a wireless alarm system in South Africa

The benefits of a wireless alarm system in South Africa

Home security has now more than ever become a necessity. Thousands of thefts occur every year inside homes and workplaces in South Africa so that equipping your home with an efficient alarm system is now essential. Indeed, it is not enough to install anti-intrusion gratings and windows to benefit from greater security.

Today, wireless technology allows you to equip your home with an adequate security system quickly and easily without having to carry out complex masonry work for the passage of cables. However, we must take into account the fact that the protection of the home, ours and that of our family members, requires systems that are in any case reliable.

Modern and intelligent solutions.

With the most modern wireless alarm systems, it is possible not only to protect the home from malicious intrusions but also to guarantee the safety and safety of loved ones thanks to the services they are equipped with.

For example, some burglar alarms are connected to an operations center that monitors the situation H24; the control panel manages the entire process and can promptly send rescue and police forces in case of need.

An overcoming of the systems with a telephone dialer inside the control unit. In addition, there are some systems that offer video streaming of the surveillance circuit cameras directly on your mobile phone to be able to monitor the home through a dedicated App.

The option that is useful, for example, is also to control the small four-legged friends with whom we share the house in our absence.

These potentials have in fact made the wireless alarm system one of the most chosen for home protection. Not to mention that its installation does not require masonry work and the result is aesthetically pleasing, which is not bad inside an elegant and well-furnished house.

Among the various companies specialized in wireless burglar alarms that integrate particular services, Bpiintl is among the most advanced, as I happened to see on their website. This is why I invite you to take a look at our alarm system services in South Africa to learn about the potential of an intelligent protection system, it is certainly worth it!

New frontiers for security.

The installation of a modern alarm system can be perfectly integrated within a home automation management context.

These are innovative systems with a strong technological component

In addition to the remote management of the system via an internet connection, they can implement particular sensors and functions. For example, smoke, water, and gas detectors or special functions such as environmental listening, useful not only in the event of an intrusion.

Wireless alarm system yes or no?

The diffusion of wireless alarm systems has grown thanks to their cost-effectiveness and the possibility of being able to create do-it-yourself installations, simplified by the possibility of avoiding traces on the wall.

The spread of wireless alarm systems has grown thanks to the fact that they are economical solutions and the possibility of being able to create installations simplified by the possibility of avoiding traces on the wall.

This ease of installation, however, contrasts with the doubts about the actual safety of this type of system. In fact, for a long time, the wireless alarm system has not enjoyed the same good reputation for reliability as the wired system.

Many installers recommend wired systems, but this type of system may not necessarily be safer, they certainly involve more expensive works.

A mains-powered wired system is only apparently more reliable because it is more vulnerable. The thief could easily sever the cables.

In older or cheaper anti-theft systems, radio interference and intrusions are easier and far from rare. This does not happen with the latest generation wireless systems, that is, those that use multiple frequencies and much less vulnerable encryption.


Now the wireless alarm systems are best-selling everywhere and offered at low prices, but only those of quality and reliability guarantee a high degree of safety. Not to mention that a do-it-yourself installation requires expertise in order not to spend money unnecessarily.

If you choose a wireless system to create the alarm system in your home, it is better that you turn to qualified companies. Safety is not a joke!